All – aware Engineer – Should Embedded Engineer be Multi-purpose?

1 Apr


Following on from my previous blog, another important question has arised....

A Swiss Army Knife's primary function is a Knife, but in fact its a multipurpose tool.... An Embedded Engineers primary function often just focuses on the heart of the system, but in order for the entire design to be successful, do they need to understand and appreciate other aspects of the products design?

All-aware Engineer

Should this person be aware of...

Software? Definitely, yes.

Hardware? Hmmm. My answer would be, yes.

Interfaces? Surely, as these days are ruled by inter-device and intra device interfaces.

Sensors? How else one would know how to scale his measurement ranges. Yes.

PCB Design? You bet. Our modern day chips heavily depend on proper layouting techniques to perform better.

Enclosures? Why not? It doesn't hurt to have an informative knowledge on how we package our products. So, the answer is , maybe.

Front panel design? User interface design can't be imagined without it.

EMC techniques?  Should this be the  first question? Basic precautions from decoupling capacitors, earthing, etc, are important pre-requisites for the design to work outside the lab. So, to a certain extent this knowledge is necessary.

Regulatory compliance? Basic knowledge on this has become mandatory as the regulations are becoming more stringent.

So, can the embedded engineer be called "All-aware engineer" meaning he/she needs to have knowledge on the above and more?

Would there be something left out in the above list?

Or do you think, some of them do not come under the purview of the embedded engineer?

It would be great to hear your views on this!.

DesignSpark - 22/03/12

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